Investing in Metsä Group

Investing in Metsä Group 

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As indicated by its name, Metsä Group's parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is a cooperative owned by its members. After paying their members’ capital shares, members may increase their holding by investing in Metsäliitto's additional shares. The cooperative pays interest on the shares according to the percentage decided on annually by the Representative Council.

The amount of the members’ capital share, which is a precondition for membership, is determined on the basis of the area of forest land owned and its location. A member may invest assets received from timber sales with Metsäliitto or share interest paid by Metsäliitto in A additional shares. The subscription is made in connection with the recording of timber sales. When using share interest, subscription takes place by notifying Metsäliitto’s contact person. Additional shares B are not tied to wood trades, so a member can invest in them without a minimum amount. The maximum investment sum in additional shares B is EUR 1.5 million/member.

Metsä Board Corporation

Among the subsidiaries of Metsä Group, Metsä Board's A and B shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange. Each A share gives an entitlement to cast twenty (20) votes at a shareholders’ meeting and each B share gives an entitlement to cast one vote. All shares give an entitlement to an equal dividend.