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Explore Metsä in a new and inspiring way

Pro Nemus and Nemus Futurum are Metsä Group’s visitor centers, providing an experiential cross-section of our operations, products and the opportunities offered by the bioeconomy.

Located in the Äänekoski mill area, Pro Nemus features exhibitions and interactive experiences. By combining virtual reality, genuine nature and experiences, Pro Nemus tells visitors about the opportunities the forest industry has to offer and how Finnish wood is transforms into various kinds of products.

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Nemus Futurum showcases the Finnish forests in a completely new way through cutting edge technology. In the forests of Kirkniemi, in the Lohja area, our guides will introduce you to sustainable Finnish forest management, sustainable use of forests, forest nature and our bioproducts. Visitors will also experience how sustainable forest management has an effect on the climate and forest biodiversity. 

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The future is made of wood

Climate change is a global problem, and reducing emissions necessary in all aspects of life. When it comes to living and construction, one solution is superior to others: wood. It is a renewable, recyclable and reusable building material. Above all, however, wood stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

How is sustainable Finnish forest management making forests increasingly effective carbon sinks? How much would the use of fossil based natural resources decrease if we built more from northern wood? Urban Carbon is answers these questions gives information about the properties of wood that help us combat climate change.

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Bioeconomy is the solution

Intelligent and sustainable wood fibre is Finland's most significant renewable resource. Competitive products from wood-based biomaterials are being manufactured already today - and even better in the future – offering alternatives for fossil materials. This is the idea behind the world’s first biodegradable video production, Intelligent Fibre.

The products featured in the video – a sneaker and headphones out of Äänekoski's pulp and biocomposite – were specifically made by Aalto University ChemArts. The filming was powered with electricity generated by the bioproduct mill. Even the electric car used by the production team was charged with the mill’s electricity.

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Intelligent forests are here

Metsä is entering a new era. Digitalisation is transforming the forest industry, providing unprecedented solutions that make forests more intelligent. When the data from intelligent forests is combined with expertise, we will be able to optimise forest use and management even better than before, as well as supplying wood accurately according to need and application.

The Intelligent Forests campaign tells the story of the digitalisation of forest through immersive marketing materials and in-depth interview articles with industry experts. Majority of the graphics used in the film were done live "in camera" using two powerful projectors and a specialized software to ensure that the graphics would fit perfectly into the surrounding forest and trees.

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