Metsä Group Brand examples

Here you can find examples of Metsä Group marketing activities

Metsä brand images

The photographic style of Metsä Group is bold and honest. We are an industrial company with our roots in the forest. Our images show the Metsä brand in a strong and positive light. When creating new images, we take into consideration our brand cornerstones – responsible profitability, Metsä-attitude and the value chain. A consistent look and feel strengthens overall brand awareness and reflects the modern and innovative qualities of Metsä.

Employees’ point of view

Our people are our greatest asset when it comes to brand building as well. We are proud of them and they are proud of Metsä. That’s why our people are shown close up – under their real names. This is done in practise in the Metsä Inside Out video series, where the Metsä value chain is opened up trough real employee stories.

Bringing the value chain to life

We know northern wood and its origins inside and out – and we know how to turn it into world class products, from timber and pulp to board and tissue. Our five business areas – Forest, Fibre, Wood, Board and Tissue – form a unique value chain from forest to end-products. This journey is made visible in all of our materials, from videos, texts and images to social media channels and events.

Make the most of every day

The Metsä brand is a guarantee to our customers and partners that we will use our expertise and our main raw material, northern wood, as optimally, efficiently, responsibly and profitably as we can. We deliver on this promise every day, in actions big and small. Here are some examples of how our brand manifests itself in all the different activities of Metsä Group, in Finland and globally.