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Make the most of Metsä


Metsä Group makes the most of the best renewable raw material in the world, northern wood, responsibly and efficiently. Our brand stands on three cornerstones: responsible profitability, strong value chain and Metsä-attitude. Each of them is relevant, inspiring and true.

We are responsibly profitable in everything we do. The top results speak louder than words. Our value chain is unique and our wood and fibre expertise leads to world-class products. Our attitude is to continuously challenge both ourselves and our partners for best results.

This is how we 'Make the most of Metsä'.


Metsä Group logo 

There is only one Metsä brand, a consistent look and feel to create and strengthen the overall brand awareness, and to reflect our forerunning, modern and innovative qualities. The Metsä logo serves as the main symbol of the brand. Our brand hierarchy is simple, logical and easy to understand.

Read more about the Metsä logo on the “Main assets” page.

Metsä Group style 

The Metsä style is about keeping it simple and clear. All the elements of the Metsä brand – from brand photography and signage to pure graphic applications and illustrations – are shown and communicated authentically and effectively.

Our tone of voice is always real and to the point. We are straightforward, honest and avoid using jargon. We write and talk like one human to another.


The cornerstones of our brand

Responsible profitability

Excellent results speak for themselves

Well-being is born from responsible operations. When we make financially sustainable decisions, the well-being is reflected on the environment and people. Our responsibility extends from the well-managed northern forests to technology, the environment, economy, forest owners and every one of us.

We use the best technologies, which allow us to minimise our impact on the environment, and the emission ceilings we impose on our production facilities are always stricter than the standards.

We know that the future is in the forest. We are constantly looking for opportunities to grow profitably, produce better results for our owners and customers – and create future growth through innovations.​

Responsible profitability

Growth from a next-generation bioproduct mill
Bio product mill

​The bioproduct mill at Äänekoski is the largest investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry and the world's first next-generation bioproduct mill. The wood raw material used by our mill and its side streams are utilised 100 per cent as products and bioenergy.

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A growth leap from investments to speciality products
Metsä Wood Kerto

​Metsä Wood's EUR 100 million investment programme involves the production of Kerto LVL and plywood in Finland and Estonia. In terms of their magnitude, these investments are the biggest in the history of Metsä Wood and represent a significant leap in growth to speciality products.

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Water in mills can circulate up to 15 times
Water Kemi

​The water in our mills is utilised as efficiently as possible – instead of use, we talk of recycling. Recycling water reduces the volume of wastewater and saves energy, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the environment.

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Top quality paperboard from Husum
Husum paperboard

​Metsä Board is known for its high-quality, lightweight folding boxboards used for packaging around the world. Thanks to the new production line for folding boxboard at Husum, we are in an increasingly better position to meet the demand for and requirements of food service packaging.

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strong value chain

Our wood and fibre skills allow us to make products that are second to none – on a global scale

We form a unique value chain from the forest to end products. We know northern wood and its origins inside and out, and we know how to make world-class wood and bioproducts, paperboards and tissue papers from it by making use of the best technology. We develop our operations continuously to ensure that the quality of our products will continue to be first rate in the future.

The forest will generate results when we utilise wood in the best possible way throughout the value chain.

Strong value chain

Biodiversity stumps increase diversity
Biodiversity stump

​Two biodiversity stumps are left in each hectare in our thinning and regeneration operations. As they decay, the biodiversity stumps offer a habitat for numerous hole-nesting species as well as a wide variety of insects, fungi and lichens.

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Side streams generate bioenergy and raw material
Side streams energy

​The energy self-sufficiency rate of our pulp mills is 150 per cent, and they are among the largest producers of renewable energy in Finland. In addition to our own production, we have enough bioenergy to produce electricity for the grid and district heating for neighbouring communities.

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Well-being for future tree generations
Future tree generations

​The sustainable use of forests will continue to create work and livelihood well into the future. The volume of wood in Finnish forests grows every year: for every tree felled, we plant four new seedlings.

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Kerto attracts interest in Australia
Kerto LVL Australia

​Metsä Wood's markets are spreading beyond Europe: the biggest customer for Kerto is based in Australia. Reliability, quality and active product development are the secrets behind our competitiveness in new markets.

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Metsä attitude

We continuously challenge ourselves and each other

We focus on our strengths and do what we do best. We reinvent ourselves and create solutions for the future: better wood products, lighter paperboards, new bioproducts – or an entire digital forest.

We share the responsibility for our success, and everyone's ideas are valuable on the journey from forest to first-class product.

We are self-directing, share best practices openly and actively seek new solutions that develop our working methods, products and efficiency. Above all, we create new solutions for our customers.

By continuously challenging ourselves and our partners, we will always remain a step ahead – and build the Metsä of tomorrow together.​

Metsä attitude

Work for forest specialists for a new era
Metsä Inside Out

​The video series Metsä Inside Out presents a fresh perspective on work and career opportunities at Metsä – a workplace where you are encouraged to be inspired and proud of your work and to further develop your expertise!

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What are the mills of the future like?
Future mills

​The Mills of the Future model adopted at Metsä Fibre is a fine example of a new kind of organisation and management. To our customers, this is visible as a reliable partnership: services of an increasingly high quality, innovations and responsible operations.

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Summer at Metsä – experiences at the forefront of the forest industry
Summer jobs

​A summer job at Metsä offers excellent opportunities to gain experience in your field and outline your study path if you are still uncertain about your direction. We offer young employees a chance for on-the-job-learning and developing their skills.

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The future is in the virtual forest
Virtual forests

​Over 30 per cent of our wood trade and nearly 40 per cent of our forest service sales are already made digitally, in our Metsäverkko service. As technology advances, we will be able to simulate five-to-ten-year forecasts for the individual stands in a virtual forest and display the actions that should be carried out.

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