Metsä brand tool

Here you can find practical tools and instructions for everyday brand building.

Economic growth and ecological growth go hand in hand. We at Metsä Group have fine-tuned a trees journey from family-owned forests into products needed by millions to create value while being considerate of the environment. By seeking more efficient and advanced ways to use northern wood, we can create a world guided by the bioeconomy and circular economy.

Metsä Group is your partner in sustainable growth.


Metsä Group logo 

There is only one Metsä brand, a consistent look and feel to create and strengthen the overall brand awareness, and to reflect our forerunning, modern and innovative qualities. The Metsä logo serves as the main symbol of the brand. Our brand hierarchy is simple, logical and easy to understand.

Metsä Group design vision

Metsä Group design vision 

Our design vision principles and brand characteristics guide each decision regarding the design and experience of Metsä.

Clarity means being clear and not burdening our audience with too much information, while reducing what we say to its simplest, clearest form.

Closeness can be heard and seen in Metsä sounding and behaving in a personal, engaging and warm manner. We always have a service attitude in what we do.

Cutting-edge is all about being contemporary and presenting the advanced technological aspects of Metsä Group within messaging tonality, design layouts, communication concepts and digital service designs.