How to be consistent and still stand out

Our Logo

Metsä Group logo 

The Metsä logo is the central element of the Metsä Group identity. Our logo consists of the company name, Metsä, and the head of moose majestically holding a forest on its antlers. Building on an impressive history, Metsä Group strongly focuses on the future. The head of the moose is a modernized version of the earlier logo, and the word Metsä – Finnish for “Forest” - is suggestive of the origin of our company and many of our top products.

The story of moose head

The use of the head of a moose as the symbol of Metsä Group dates back to the 1980s, when the name of Metsä Board was Metsä-Serla. Erik Bruun, a Finnish artist professor and an internationally recognised graphic artist, designed the symbol for Metsä-Serla to illustrate the company’s Finnish roots and close links to the forest.

When Metsä Group’s corporate image was renewed in 2012, the head of a moose was still as relevant as ever, strongly symbolising the qualities that Metsä Group wants to be known for: responsibility and deep roots in Finnish forests. The new colour – a fresh green – and the modernised shape of the symbol illustrate a future-focused group that has the ability to reinvent itself.

Our colours

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

The colour scheme of the Metsä Group comes directly from nature. The forest is clearly present in our colours - a key element of the visual identity. The primary colours - Bud green and Ash Gray - represent the lifecycle of a tree. The additional palette is a selection of subdued hues that complement the primary colours, adding a touch of Finnish nature. White should also be understood as a colour: it lends an air of clarity and serenity.

Our images

Metsä Group images 

The concept for Metsä images is straightforward and true to the brand, representing natural, honest and authentic fragments of reality instead of staged and pretentious complexity.

Metsä images follow compositional principles based on the Metsä brand core that help to ensure the consistency of the images – whether used alone or grouped together as a modular series. The images reflect the forest industry, leadership, innovation as well as the strength and beauty of wood and forests throughout a tree’s value chain.

Our typography

Metsä Group typography 

The Metsä typography – the rhythm and manner in which ideas and messages are given a visible form – is clear and consistent. It varies based on the context from bold and strong headline treatments through light and serene introductory styles to clear body copy. The primary typeface family we use is Benton Sans.

Our signature

Metsä Group signature 

The Metsä brand promise “Make the most of Metsä” together with the company symbol – the head of a moose – forms the Metsä signature. The Metsä signature is a key identity element that is used in marketing communication and branding to emphasize and support our brand story and attitude. It’s a promise to our customers and partners that we will use our expertise and our main raw material, northern wood, as optimally, efficiently, responsibly and profitably as we can.