Typefaces and the way they are used is a key part of Metsä Group’s corporate identity. This section contains the definitions for Metsä Group’s corporate typefaces and typography.

Primary corporate typefaces

Metsa Group typography 

Metsä Group uses Benton Sans as the primary corporate typeface family. Benton Sans comes in select styles and can be used diversely in various applications.

This page shows each weight and its specific intended use. As a general rule, it is highly advised to use only Benton Regular in all typography, to maintain a consistent, clear and identifiable Metsä typography. Bold should be used sparingly as an emphasis preferably on subheadline or bodycopy level.

The typeface family is made in OpenType document format that can be installed in all of the most common operating systems.

Arial is the font used in office programs such as PowerPoint and Word. Please see the following page for instructions. If the Benton font cannot be used, for example for Cyrillic texts, use the Cyrillic version of Arial or Arial Unicode.

A licensed version of the typeface family can be obtained from Group Communications.


Substitute typefaces

Metsä Group typography Arial 

Arial is the substitute typeface replacing Benton Sans in Microsoft Office programs, such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Arial is preinstalled in Metsä Group’s document templates.

Arial Unicode is a default system typeface that can be used as a substitute for a number of other non-latin languages.