Metsa graphic guidelines

Metsä graphic guidelines

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The Metsä style

The metsa style 

Metsä Group’s visual style is true and straightforward, combining high-quality with timeless feel.

The Metsä style is about keeping it simple and clear. All the elements of the Metsä brand – from brand photography and signage to pure graphic applications and illustrations – are shown and communicated as simply and effectively as possible without decoration.

As there is only one Metsä brand, all the business areas should have a consistent look and feel to create and strengthen the overall brand awareness, and to reflect the forerunning, modern and innovative qualities of the Metsä Group.

If you have any questions about the Metsä brand, the use of the brand elements or marketing communication, please don’t hesitate to contact the Metsä Group communications.

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Brand hierarchy

Metsa brand hierarchy 

Metsä Group’s brand hierarchy is simple, logical and easy to understand. The Metsä Group logo serves as the sole identifier of the Metsä brand regardless of the business unit in question.

There are two versions of the Metsä logo: horizontal and vertical.

Business area identifiers have consistent typeset style derived from Metsä Identity:

Typeface/Weight: Benton Sans Bold
Tracking: 0
Colour: Tuhka


Brand hierarchy / Product logos

Metsa brand hierarchy logos 

Metsä Group product logos have a consistent typeset style:

Typeface/Weight: Benton Sans Black
Tracking: -40/1000 Em
Colour: PMS Black 7

Metsä Tissue’s product logos differ from Metsä Group’s visual identity.