Other guidelines


This section contains a short introduction to Metsä Group’s other guideline documents.

Fairs and events

Metsä Group Fairs and events 

Metsä Group has a uniform style in fairs and events. Consistent branding plays an important role in building a uniform Metsä Group identity.

When designing stands for Metsä Group’s presence at events and exhibitions we should always consider the audience and create a space that appelas to them. It should always feel open and warm, designed with a single purpose in mind – avoid cluttering the space with too many different types of activities.

The guideline is available in the databank.

Signs and vehicles

Metsa Group Signs and vehicles 

Metsä Group has a uniform style for signs in offices and production plants, and also for vehicles. Signs play an important role in building a uniform Metsä Group identity.

Use only Metsä Group logo in signs. Please see the manual for signs and vehicles for more detailed instructions and examples of different sign types (Group data bank).

When planning new signs for production plants, please consult the Group Communications.

Illustration style

Metsä Group Illustration style 

Metsä Group’s illustration style follows Metsä brand’s clean graphic style.

The illustration style is specifically tailored for visualization of information such as key processes or other abstract concepts.

A more thorough guideline with colour specifications, ready-made elements and principles of construction can be downloaded from databank.

Motion graphics

Metsa Group Motion graphics 

Video footage and motion graphics are a key part of Metsä’s visual communication. A set of key principles have been established to ensure consistency in the motion graphic content. When using graphics with footage in the background always make sure that there is enough calm space for the elements.

When shooting footage, remember to pay attention to leaving enough empty space, or shooting enough “background” footage with calm and serene content, as it can help the post-production phase dramatically.

The grading and image composition should follow the natural, straightforward, clutter-free and honest overall style of Metsä brand.

The opening sequence can also be the title of the video without logo intro where purposeful.

The musical score should be primarily instrumental and contemporary, remaining as a background element, not taking too much attention.

* An animated version of the logo for intro/outro use can be downloaded from databank.