Metsä Group colours


Colour is an important factor of Metsä Group’s visual identity in recognition and differentiation. This section contains the colour specifications for the Metsä Group.

Colour palette

Metsa Group colour palette 

Metsä Group’s colour palette consists of primary identification colours and additional accent colours. 

Each colour is defined through a Pantone (PMS /offset) spot colour standard with a corresponding 4-color conversion (CMYK /offset/print) and screen-optimized (RGB/screen) conversion. Primary colours have an additional (RAL/acrylic paint) match for events, vehicles, signage or other physical spaces.



Colour hierarchy

Metsa Group colour hierarchy 

The usage of Metsä Group’s colour palette is divided into primary identification and complementary purposes.

Primary identification colours are used in most contexts. They are timeless and versatile. Consistent use of Metsä Group’s primary colours ensures strong impact for Metsä brand’s visual identification. Silmu green colour is primarily intended as an identification accent e.g. in the moosehead.

White should also be understood as a colour: unprinted areas lend an air of clarity and serenity in both print and digital media.

Lighter tints of Metsä Group’s colours can be used to group visual elements in information graphics in magazines and annual reports, for example.

Additional colours can be used accross multiple applications and should be chosen accordingly to match the messaging and/or the tone of photography. Additional colours can be used e.g. for considered emphasis in headlines, tables and charts.