Metsä Fibre is a reliable partner for log house producers

Wood is an ecological, sustainable and traditional construction material. Metsä Fibre is one of the largest and most important sawn timber suppliers to Finland’s log house industry.
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Customers in the log house industry have extremely precise and strict quality requirements for Metsä Fibre’s pine and spruce sawn timber. The live-knotted pine sawn timber is already selected at the forest parcel, cut from the middle log and dried to exactly the right moisture content. Log houses made from such a construction material will withstand Finnish climate conditions for decades.

Meanwhile, the lighter and smaller-knotted structure of spruce logs makes them an aesthetically pleasing choice for modern wooden houses.

Logs are a sustainable and low-carbon alternative

People today are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint, environmental friendliness and living comfort of buildings. Logs are a construction material that stores carbon and is renewable and sustainable. While growing, trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, and a log wall serves as carbon storage throughout its life-cycle.

The advantage of logs is their dense structure and breathability, which also helps maintain pleasant indoor air quality and humidity. The strength/weight ratio of wood is also in a class of its own.

Sami Koskiranta, Sales Manager at Metsä Fibre, says logs have become a material that is not only used in the construction of holiday homes but increasingly in other types of construction, too.

“The popularity of wood construction is constantly growing, and modern log houses are gaining ground even in urban areas. Wood is also becoming an increasingly popular option for public construction.”

Quality and delivery reliability are important partnership criteria

Customers in the log house industry value Metsä Fibre’s products for their consistent quality and high level of technical quality.

“Reliable deliveries and the ability to react to quick spikes in demand are also important factors. The Rauma sawmill investment will further improve our competitiveness,” adds Koskiranta.

All sawn timber delivered to customers is certified. Quality assurance covers the entire supply chain from the forest parcel to the sawing, drying and delivery phases. The process is supported by the latest technology.

“It ensures that our sawn timber fulfils the strictest criteria of our customers. At the same time, it guarantees disruption-free production and a high-quality end product for our customers.”