Sustainability governance

Sustainability is part of the daily work at Metsä Fibre. Every employee contributes to our commitment, playing a vital role in shaping a better future.

Sustainability management

As part of Metsä Group, we comply to the Group-level sustainability management process overseen by the Sustainability Process Management Team. Their key mission is to ensure that our sustainability objectives are spread throughout the business areas’, processes’, and functions’ annual plans. Metsä Fibre actively participates in this team as a dedicated business area representative.

The Sustainability Process Management Team diligently tracks our progress toward Metsä Group’s strategic sustainability targets for 2030. 

Person writing to a Metsä notebook

Within Metsä Fibre, the Board of Directors, CEO and Management Team are committed to and responsible for sustainability matters. Sustainability is incorporated in our Board-approved strategy, long-term business and investment plans, risk assessments and annual plans. In addition, we have an ESG controller in Group Finance who oversees the collection, reporting and credibility of ESG data. 

 Sustainability governance at Metsä Fibre

1. Board of Directors 2. CEO and Management Team 2.1. Metsä Group Sustainability Process Management Team 3. Business Functions and Sustainability Functions

Sustainably every day 

We develop our environmental and social sustainability performance as part of our daily operations. Each mill meticulously monitors environmental data and safety protocols, while our human resources team addresses social concerns. 

Every employee, in every process, advocates sustainability as part of their everyday actions. Even personal performance bonus target for Metsä Fibre employees include sustainability targets.

Guided by our Code of Conduct, we maintain ethical business practices. Additionally, we conduct an annual ethics barometer survey among the employees to evaluate our responsible corporate culture and to continually enhance our practices.