The furniture industry requires top-class materials

Metsä Fibre supplies high-quality sawn timber to the furniture industry. Customers appreciate sawn timber that offers consistent quality and good technical properties, as well as reliable deliveries that will make their own operations more predictable.
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Glulam is a popular material in the furniture industry, and pine sawn timber from top logs is an excellent raw material for it. Sound knotted pine has a beautifully colour with a uniform grain texture that withstands changes in humidity and does not crack easily.

The popularity of pine in the furniture industry is boosted by its good workability, glueability and paintability. Moreover, the furniture surfaces are easy to treat, contributing to the long useful life of the pieces.

The advantages of spruce sawn timber include its consistent light colour, which lends brightness and clarity to furniture and interiors.

Delivery reliability an important criterion

In the furniture segment, China is Metsä’s main market area for sawn timber. According to Roger Luo, Metsä Fibre’s Sales Director for sawn timber, focusing on China, the pine sawn timber delivered to customers is made into beds, desks, chairs and so on. Pine is popular especially for children’s furniture.

“Furniture manufacturers appreciate the beautiful grain texture, the light yellow hue and good strength properties of slow-grown Nordic wood,” says Luo.

Metsä Fibre’s local service, customer-oriented approach and solid product expertise are valued and recognised. Efficient logistics and reliable deliveries are an important part of the whole.

“Efficient deliveries that precisely match the customer’s expectations play an important role in the production and distribution of furniture. Indeed, delivery times often have a direct impact on the purchasing decisions of furniture customers, as well as on customer satisfaction and perceptions of the manufacturer,” Luo points out.