Metsä Fibre’s range of bioproducts covers pulp, sawn timber, biochemicals and bioenergy. Our bioproducts selection does also include sulphuric acid, as well as ash and lime.

We produce many of our bioproducts from the side-streams of our pulp production and we continuously research new ways to expand and develop our bioproduct portfolio to improve our efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Products such as biogas, new fibre products and fibre-based fabrics are examples of products that we develop together with our partner companies that manufacture these products.

At Metsä Fibre, we are committed to utilising our wood raw materials as efficiently and diversely as possible. For instance, our mills produce enough bioenergy to meet their own process needs, still leaving enough surplus to allow us to sell it to the national grid. The side-streams of the pulp production process open up a wide variety of opportunities for the extraction, refining and development of new and exciting bioproducts.

Our bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland, is a world leader in the production of innovative bioproducts, raw material efficiency, and energy efficiency. An entire ecosystem of companies, which utilise our process side-streams to develop commercially viable bioproducts, is growing around the new mill site.