Pulp end uses

Metsä Fibre offers a wide selection of pulp. We serve customers in a range of paper and board segments, and we deliver our pulp products around the world using state-of-the-art logistics. Whether you make board, tissue, specialty paper, or printing & writing paper, we can supply you with pulp that is made to meet your needs.

Pulp for board manufacturers

Board manufacturers often have very different needs for pulp, depending on the desired end product. Board is used in everything from robust packaging for sensitive foodstuffs to highly visual and decorative packaging such as in the cosmetics industry.

While softwood pulp provides good runnability and excellent strength properties for board grades, hardwood pulp gives good surface properties for board grades. Birch fibres provide an excellent combination of structure and strength properties. All pulp grades in the Metsä portfolio are certified to meet all cleanliness requirements for board.

Pulp for tissue producers

Tissue producers generally demand both excellent softness and high tensile strength. Depending on the final end product, functional properties, such as absorption capacity, may also play an important role.

Uses of softwood in tissue provides sufficient strength to the base sheet throughout the process. The ideal softwood fibre for tissue requires a minimum amount of refining energy to reach the desired strength level in order to minimise generation of fines and maximise dewatering properties and bulk. Hardwood mainly provides softness and high smoothness. Due to its excellent wet resilience, BCTMP can improve the absorption capacity of industrial and household towels.

Pulp for printing paper producers

Paper used for printing and writing purposes requires different properties depending on the end use. All types of paper require good runnability, surface properties especially smoothness and the optical property of brightness. However, the required level of strength, stiffness and bulk is determined by the specific end use of our customers in domestic and international paper industry.

The role of our softwood is mainly to provide good runnability, dewatering and excellent strength properties for magazine papers. In magazine papers, BCTMP provides higher bulk and stiffness compared to chemical pulp. Higher brightness, bulk and smoothness can be achieved when mechanical pulp is replaced by BCTMP in the paper making process.

Pulp for specialty paper manufacturers

Specialty paper is a category that includes everything from tea bags to bank notes and photographic paper. These different products bring their own special needs which are also highly varied, from stiffness and strength to porosity and opacity.

Metsä Fibre’s extensive product portfolio provides options for all these diverse needs. Our range of softwood pulps includes thin-walled fibres with fast refinability, and coarse and long fibres with good reinforcement potential. Our high-quality short fibre is produced from birch. Birch fibres provide good strength and surface properties. The high fibre number gives good formation and surface properties, softness and uniform pore size distribution. BCTMP will improve the bulk, stiffness and opacity of various paper products compared to chemical pulp.

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