Ensuring ethical business practices

At Metsä Fibre, we are committed to being ethical, responsible, reliable and transparent in all our operations.

Values and ethical guidelines

Our work is guided by Metsä Group’s values: responsible profitability, reliability, cooperation and renewal. We always follow the laws and regulations, Metsä Group’s Code of Conduct and Metsä Group’s Policies, such as environmental, human resources and equality policy. We are also committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights. We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity, and transparency towards all our stakeholders.

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Policies and statements

Our operations and decision-making are directed by the Metsä Group’s strategy and values. Metsä Group’s 15 ethical principles sum up our commitment to responsible business operations and compliance. 

Metsä Group's 15 ethical principles concretize our company's value-based management, and summarize our commitment to business responsibility and compliance. The principles include themes related to cooperation and respect for people, as well as responsible business practices. The same high standards apply also to our partners, and these are defined in the Metsä Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Policies and Code of Conduct

Metsä Group has a set of policies and related instructions in place covering all corresponding topics for its business areas, including, for example, policies on the Environment and Human Resources as well as Equal Opportunities for Employees.

The Employee Code of Conduct is an essential part of day-to-day management. It guides our employees to follow the required ethical principles concerning conflicts of interest, competition, communication and the prevention of bribery and other fraudulent conduct. The Code of Conduct requires all employees to report any behaviour that they believe to be in breach of the instructions. They can report such behaviour to their supervisor, the Compliance Officer, or the General Counsel of the Metsä Group.


We promote diversity, equality, and inclusion

We want to ensure that personal characteristics – such as gender, age, ethnic background, or sexual orientation – have no impact on an individual’s opportunity to succeed in working life. Diversity, equality, and inclusion are promoted through the Metsä For All vision and measured according to set targets. Equality training, the adoption of anonymised recruiting methods, and increasing the share of women in executive positions are examples of the practical measures we have taken in this regard.

Equality targets of Metsä Group

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By 2030, at least 30% of Metsä Group’s leaders (VP or above) are women. There are no unjustifiable pay gaps between genders. We raise awareness on diversity, equality and inclusion through a training programme targeted at all employees.

We are committed to process personal data in accordance with the EU GDPR, which forbids the processing of special categories of data such as personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin. We do not collect such data on our employees anywhere where we operate, even if the local legislation would permit, and are committed to treat people equally regardless of the characteristics they represent.


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Compliance and Ethics Channel

We encourage our personnel and stakeholders to raise their concerns if they detect problems in our operations. Our Compliance and Ethics Channel is available in ten languages and its technological implementation is overseen to by an independent third party. Reports can be made anonymously. We are committed to protecting the privacy of whistleblowers and do not condone any counter measures against whistleblowers.

All breaches and violations, as well as suspected breaches and violations, brought to the attention of the company are investigated. Any illegal activities detected are reported to the authorities.