Industrial ecosystems

Metsä Fibre’s bioproduct mill’s business model is based on efficient partnerships. The surrounding network of companies produces various value adding bioproducts from pulp or the side streams of pulp production. Our partner network plays an important role in our efforts to use raw material and side streams in the best possible way.

Innovations from cooperation

The business ecosystem creates jobs and increases the supply to the growing market for wood-based bioproducts. Renewable wood raw material and innovative solutions offer answers to future global challenges, such as climate change, population growth and resource efficiency. 

Future innovations will increasingly emerge from cooperation between different partners such as higher education and research institutions, and companies in various fields. The bioproduct mill enables the ecosystem’s future expansion and development.

Unique bioeconomy ecosystem in Äänekoski

In Äänekoski, partner network is operating around the bioproduct mill and using the pulp produced by Metsä Fibre or side streams of its pulp production. This generates extensive value chains and offers significant opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to manufacture innovative bioproducts with high added value. 

Located alongside the bioproduct mill are the board mill, birch plywood mill and textile fibre demo plant of Metsä Group, as well as the production facilities of various partners. Businesses that specialize for example in biomaterials, biochemicals, bioenergy, and so on, are invited to join the ecosystem.