Äänekoski bioproduct mill

  • 800

    thousand tonnes

    Softwood pulp

  • 500

    thousand tonnes

    Hardwood pulp

  • 250



  • 240


    Electricity self-sufficiency

Our bioproduct mill in Äänekoski produces softwood and birch pulp as its main product, which is used as raw material for paperboard, tissue and printing papers and speciality products. Our softwood and birch pulp are made of Nordic pine, spruce and birch sourced from sustainably managed forests, as well as of sawmill chips. The wood we use is traceable.

The Äänekoski mill is called a bioproduct mill, because not only does it make many other bioproducts besides pulp, it also produces significantly more bio-based electrical energy than a traditional pulp mill, and uses no fossil fuels. We make full use of our wood raw material and use production side streams as extensively as possible. We are actively studying several processes and new product paths that will be implemented gradually.

The bioproduct mill further expands the diverse ecosystem formed by the region’s bioeconomy companies, which manufacture future bioproducts from wood raw material, pulp and production side streams. The mill area is also home to Metsä Group’s paperboard and birch veneer mill, as well as a demo plant for wood-based textile fibres and a demo plant for 3D fibre products.

The Äänekoski bioproduct mill is an important employer in Central Finland, both directly and indirectly. In addition to the mill’s own personnel, dozens of professionals from our partner companies also work in the mill area. The mill employs some 2,500 people in the direct value chain.

We cooperate closely with local stakeholders, and annually support initiatives promoting the wellbeing of children and young people. We actively participate in various events related to our branch of industry, as well as in career and recruitment events, and regularly organise visits for stakeholders. We also organise an annual road safety campaign for primary schools in the region.

Contact information

​Metsä Fibre
Äänekoski bioproduct mill
P.O. BOX 1000

Visiting address
Sarvelantie 1, Äänekoski

Tel: +358 (0)10 466 2999
Email: firstname.lastname[at] metsagroup.com

Mill Manager
Janne Rantanen

Henri Berg
+358 40 630 7451

Driving instructions

Metsä Fibre’s bioproduct mill is located at the address Sarvelantie 1, Äänekoski

Access by personal car is via the Sarvelantie road. When approaching the mill area, you will see car park P5 to the left of Sarvelantie. The car park has designated spaces for visitors. Access to the mill area requires a valid access permit. Get in touch with your contact person at the mill before your arrival. Park your car and navigate the mill area in accordance with the signs and the instructions provided by the people in charge of your visit.

Chemical and product vehicles arrive for weighing at the measuring station via the Äänekoskentie road, while wood and chip vehicles arrive via the Tehtaankatu road. The area has signs for heavy traffic.

Äänekoski bioproduct mill´s bioproducts

  • Softwood and hardwood pulp

    Softwood and hardwood pulp

  • Crude Tall Oil

    Crude Tall Oil

  • Crude Sulphate Turpentine

    Crude Sulphate Turpentine

  • Bioenergy


  • Product gas

    Product gas

  • Sulphuric acid

    Sulphuric acid

  • Biopellets and biogas

    Biopellets and biogas