Sustainable high-quality pulp

Pulp is a fibrous material composed of cellulose fibres sourced from various plants, primarily wood, serving as a raw material in the production of cellulose-based products. We produce softwood and hardwood pulp from Nordic pine, spruce and birch. Wood chips collected from sawmills after sawn timber production are used in our pulp mills for making paper pulp. Our wide pulp product portfolio is developed in close cooperation with our customers to ensure that our offering meets their requirements regarding fibre characteristics and specific paper properties. Whether you make board, tissue, specialty paper or printing and writing paper, we can supply pulp from Nordic wood to meet your needs.

Offering state-of-the-art facilities and latest technologies, our pulp mills in Joutseno and Rauma produce softwood pulp. Our bioproduct mills in Äänekoski and Kemi produce both softwood and hardwood pulp. With four mills operating in Finland, Metsä Fibre has a total annual softwood pulp production capacity of around 3.16 million tonnes and an annual hardwood pulp production capacity of around 800,000 tonnes.

Hardwood and softwood pulp properties for unique paper quality

Our wide product portfolio is consisted of hardwood and softwood pulp suitable primarily for the production of paper and tissue products in the global market. The main difference between hardwood and softwood pulp lies under the origin of the wood type and the fibres. Wood fibres are the elongated cellular structures composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in altering proportions. This composition provides wood its strength and flexibility as well as determines the resulting wood pulp’s characteristic, enabling different end product applications. Hardwood pulp typically has shorter fibres compared to softwood pulp, which provides thickness, smoother surface and high absorptivity of the resulting paper in greater bulk. Whereas, softwood pulp sourced from coniferous trees have longer wood fibres serving for higher tensile strength and stiffness. Metsä Fibre produces and supplies the global paper and tissue industry with both hardwood and softwood pulp made from Nordic trees with unique characteristics and pulpwood qualities.

At Metsä Fibre, we develop pulp grades by acknowledging the properties of hardwood and softwood, as well as our customers’ requirements regarding the characteristics of their final product. We consider pulp to improve the quality and value of the end product. The length of the fibre, as well as the brightness, viscosity and pH of the pulp, are important to us, and operational technical parameters are measured dozens of times during our large-scale production processes. Our high-capacity, state-of-the-art production facilities all produce high-quality Metsä pulp that is efficiently delivered to customers around the globe. In addition, the pulp we produce is used within the Metsä Group, being further processed for a wide range of end products.

Alongside our product portfolio, we are committed to provide excellent customer support services. Every customer relationship is important to us. We use our know-how, advanced technologies and technical expertise to provide you and your business with added value. This dedication to customer experience and satisfaction has made Metsä Fibre a trusted partner the world over.

Our sustainably produced Metsä pulp

Around the world, our customers and their end customers aim to improve their sustainability in their business practices. Metsä Fibre provides the sustainable and renewable pulp raw materials that help them reach these sustainability targets. The traceable Nordic wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests, and our new pulp mills are the most efficient in the world. In addition, Metsä Fibre operations supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We make sure that our operational efficiency in our business practices are aligning with our environmental responsibilities and our sustainability targets.

We produce all of our products from responsibly sourced and grown forests. Each Metsä Fibre mill has a certified chain of custody management system for wood and each mill is authorised to use the FSC® and PEFC labels (FSC-C002102, PEFC/02-33-21). With our industry leading forest certification we can help your company achieves the strictest safety, sustainability and environmental requirements. Metsä Group’s ownership base of more than 90,000 private Finnish forest owners means we have a continuously available supply of sustainable wood.

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