Applications for sawn timber

Metsä Fibre’s sawn timber is used in wood products that are present in people’s everyday lives very concretely. The products are well-suited for challenging product solutions and our customers in wood processing and timber industry rely on these premium, sustainable products in a range of industries and applications.


Living and joinery

Most of the sawn timber produced by Metsä Fibre is used to manufacture housing products such as doors, windows and joinery products.

Windows, ceilings and floors as well as external cladding are made from wood more and more frequently. Each of these wood products has a raw material that is ideal for the specific application.

Nordic pine is bright, and it has even grains. Bottom logs from well-managed forests have very few branches and beautiful top logs have healthy branches. Pine is used to manufacture doors, windows, battens and furniture, for example. Windows made from heartwood are particularly durable.

Sawn timber from spruce is naturally resistant to moisture. Spruce trees have small and healthy branches, which do not crack. Many products used in internal cladding are made from spruce, but it is a particularly popular material in panels and boards used in external cladding.

  • Paneling and mouldings

    Paneling and mouldings

  • Decking and garden structures

    Decking and garden structures

  • Carpentry products

    Carpentry products

  • Windows and doors

    Windows and doors



Construction industry uses a broad range of sawn timber that is often used as a construction in various building applications. The products range from scaffolding and cast moulds used for apartment or industrial buildings and civil engineering, to log house production and timber framing and even boat construction. Our sawn timber products are used as strong structural elements in construction projects, in form of wooden planks or boards in diverse dimensions. The construction industry is an important customer for Metsä Fibre’s sawn timber, both in Finland and in export markets.

  • Glulam


  • Log houses

    Log houses



Beautiful furniture demands high-quality wood. At Metsä Fibre mills, skilled personnel apply modern technology to select the right timber for the customer’s manufacturing processes and provide aesthetic quality in their home furnishing.

Pine and spruce are both very popular raw materials for solid timber furniture. The Nordic wood we use has unique characteristics that give the end product first-class properties.

Wooden furniture made of the Nordic spruce sawn timber produced by Metsä Fibre is environmentally friendly and hygienic. The beautifully even light colouring of Nordic spruce sawn timber adds brightness and lightness to spaces. The consistent quality of our spruce sawn timber, as well as the good technical quality and reliable deliveries add predictability to the customers’ own operations.

Healthy pine timber sawn from laths is ideal for the production of glulam boards, which are typically used as a material for furniture. Whole-grain pine has a beautiful colour and a uniform overall appearance. It is highly resistant to changes in humidity and does not crack easily. Pine wood is easy to work, glue and paint. The surface treatment of furniture made of pine is easy and increases the longevity of the finished product.



One of the many applications of Metsä Fibre sawn timber is packaging. Most of the sawn timber used for packaging ends up in industrial use as pallets manufactured in accordance with EUR and FIN standards.

In addition to pallets, high-quality, light and tough Nordic wood is also used for many kinds of special packaging in the industrial and commercial sectors. Pallets, boxes and various transport crates are used to transport such goods as special steel, foodstuffs, fruit, printing paper, machines and industrial equipment, and even Dutch tulips.

  • Pallet industry

    Pallet industry

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