Wood sourcing

Wood is the primary raw material for all our products. We source it exclusively from sustainably managed Nordic forests, ensuring forest regeneration and biodiversity preservation.

We verify the origin of wood

Metsä Forest is the business unit responsible for wood supply within Metsä Group. Metsä Forest collaborates closely with wood suppliers and harvesting contractors, actively promoting sustainable forestry through training and stakeholder cooperation.

In 2023, 95% of the wood we used came from certified sources. We meticulously verify the origin of our wood through international forest certification systems such as FSC® or PEFC (FSC-C002102, PEFC/02-33-21), ensuring that all received wood meets controlled wood criteria.

Closeup image of a pile of logs. We see the ends of the logs and there is a paper tag on the end of one of them. The tag has a Metsa logo on it and hand-written felling date.

As part of Metsä Group, Metsä Fibre complies with the European Union Timber Regulation (EU 995/2010), the UK Timber Regulation, and the US Lacey Act. These regulations prohibit the marketing of illegally harvested timber and timber products.

Furthermore, adherence to PEFC and FSC chain of custody standards guarantees that the wood we use is never harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights, nor from forests with high conservation value. Our chain of custody system undergoes annual evaluation as part of Metsä Group’s internal and third-party external audits.

Wood supply from Northern Europe

The majority of our wood raw material comes from Finland and Sweden. We use only spruce, pine, birch and aspen, which occur naturally in these countries. Our wood sourcing from Russia was discontinued in March 2022.