Hardwood pulp

Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (BHKP)

Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (BHKP) is commonly used in paperboard and specialty paper, as well as coated and uncoated papers and tissue. In many applications, hardwood pulp provides excellent strength and surface properties.

Our hardwood pulp is used to make our Metsä Birch products. We produce high-quality hardwood pulp at the pulp mills in Äänekoski and Husum.

Our hardwood pulp consists of high-quality Nordic birch (betula verrucosa, betula pendula or betula pubescens) sustainably sourced and felled by Metsä Forest. Hardwood kraft pulp made from Nordic birch is ideal when high tensile strength and good formation is required. The wood we use is traceable.

High yield pulp (BCTMP)

Our Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP) is often utilised in the production of paperboard to provide higher bulk and stiffness. In printing papers, for example, higher brightness, bulk and smoothness can be achieved by replacing mechanical pulp with BCTMP.

Our BCTMP pulp is used to make our High Yield Tensile and Super Bulk 440-products . We offer these products in cooperation with Metsä Board and produce them at the Metsä Board Kaskinen Mill in Finland.

What gives Metsä High Yield Pulp its excellent high yield and paper technical properties, is the bleaching process, which has been designed to preserve the wood’s natural lignin intact. Each Metsä High Yield pulp is customised to suit specific end uses from coated specialty papers to board and tissue. Each pulp product consists of hardwood (Aspen or Birch) and softwood (Spruce). The wood we use is traceable.