Other sourcing

At Metsä Fibre, we aspire to be the preferred partner in sustainable business development. Responsible business partners, including our suppliers, play a crucial role in achieving our sustainability goals by 2030.

Sustainability comes first

We prioritise supply chain sustainability and strive to understand the origins of the raw materials and packaging materials used in our production processes. To achieve this, we employ various tools and practices to ensure that our suppliers align with our environmental, social, and economic responsibility requirements.

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    Supplier sustainability assessment

    • We integrate sustainability assessments into our procurement processes. These assessments include risk analyses, background checks, and audits.
    • As part of our supplier selection process, we evaluate sustainability risks by analyzing industry-specific factors and using risk-country classifications.
    • Background checks cover areas such as trade sanctions, money laundering, corruption, and human rights violations.
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    Key indicators for supply chain sustainability

    • All our suppliers are required to adhere to the Metsä Group Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which outlines our minimum standards for environmental protection, human rights, and responsible business practices.
    • Sustainability assessments and audits are conducted regularly, with tools like Ecovadis and surveys.
    • If deficiencies are identified, we guide suppliers toward corrective actions.
    • We collaborate with main partner suppliers to set joint sustainability targets and encourage also them to ambitious emission-reduction goals.
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    Material traceability

    • We continuously enhance traceability for chemicals, raw materials, and packaging materials.
    • Suppliers provide details about the manufacturing location of raw materials through product safety questionnaires.
    • Our goal is to know the origin (at least the manufacturing country) of all materials we purchase, and for some raw materials, we aim for even more detailed traceability.
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    Supplier Requirements

    • All suppliers must adhere to the Metsä Group Supplier Code of Conduct.
    • Regular participation in supplier assessments and audits is mandatory.
    • We recommend that suppliers set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.
    • Raw material and packaging suppliers are encouraged to explore alternatives to fossil-based materials.
    • Disclosure of raw material origin ensures robust traceability.