Meaningful work in a fair workplace

We promote equality and diversity, offer meaningful work and invest in learning and development of our professionals.

We support career development

Metsä Fibre is a fair workplace offering meaningful work. We invest in good leadership and support for personal career development. We coach our managers in listening and being present to individuals as well as providing feedback. 

We know the value of our work, as well as its role in the strategy and in the changing world. The framework of our business offers us all meaningful work: products that replace fossil-based materials, environmentally efficient mills, and ensuring sustainable growth of forests and biodiversity.

We annually survey the functioning of our workplace community and the satisfaction of our personnel. We believe that every professional is the best expert for their job and duties, and we value their competence and opinions. 

Anonymous recruitment

Anonymous recruitment is our primary recruiting method. We want to make sure that all applicants have the opportunity for a fare treat when applying for a job. Anonymous recruitment is based on applicants’ skills and competence. We don't ask the applicant's gender and date of birth and certain personal data is hidden, such as the applicant's name, contact information, native language, and any attachments. The application form has questions that help the candidate to highlight their skills and strengths anonymously.

Appreciation for our professionals

Careers at Metsä Fibre have traditionally been long and diverse. In production roles, we emphasise multiple skill sets and job rotation, which brings variation into one’s career. In business operations and group services, we encourage our personnel to choose the job rotation and professional development options. All our employees can also enjoy diverse education opportunities both within and outside the company.

As an employer, we are guided by several policies, which we expect all of our employees to study and follow. Our policies deal with topics such as ethical operations, equality, wellbeing at work, safety and environmental questions.