Premium pulp, sawn timber and biochemicals from Nordic wood

We produce and offer wood-based bioproducts, such as pulp, sawn timber, and biochemicals. Our products are known for their high quality, which is based on the unique characteristics of Nordic wood. We see the infinite potential in Nordic wood, and what we can make from it.

We use every part of the tree

From logs and pulpwood to branches and wood chips, at Metsä Fibre we waste nothing. The most valuable part of the tree, the log, is used to produce sawn timber. Sections too small in diameter or too crooked or damaged for use as sawn timber are chipped and used in the production of bioproducts such as pulp and biochemicals. During our production processes, side streams are used to obtain valuable biochemicals. Meanwhile, small branches and twigs, bark and sawdust are typically used to generate bioenergy using combustion.

Sustainable high-quality pulp

We are the leading global producer of softwood market pulp. Our wide pulp product portfolio is developed in close cooperation with our customers to ensure that our offering meets their requirements regarding fibre characteristics and specific paper properties. Whether you make board, tissue, specialty paper or printing and writing paper, we can supply sustainable, high-quality pulp to meet your needs.

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Sawn timber from Nordic wood

We are one of Europe’s largest sawn timber producers, and our sawn timber is produced with close to zero CO2 emissions. We use sustainably sourced Nordic pine and spruce in our five mills in Finland to produce premium softwood sawn timber. Our products are used in the joinery, furniture, construction and packaging industries, for example.

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Valuable biochemicals

We are a leading producer of biochemicals derived from Nordic wood. We produce crude tall oil (CTO) and crude sulphate turpentine (CST) as side products of our pulp production. These are used in diverse applications by a variety of industries. They can replace fossil-based products in everything from industrial-grade performance chemicals to detergents and even food.

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We offer a wide range of expert services to support our customers in their processes and business. Our pulp and sawn timber services extend from technical customer support to supply chain, sustainability and development services.

Branded with the Botnia name in the past, today we continue to produce pulp and biochemicals in the same product range with guaranteed Metsä Fibre quality.  

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