High-quality sawn timber from Nordic wood

We are one of Europe’s largest sawn timber producers. We make and sell high-quality sawn timber that we produce from Nordic wood raw material. Our product portfolio includes pine and spruce sawn timber, and it is developed in close co-operation with our customers to ensure our offering meets their requirements.

Metsa Fibre has four sawmills operating in Finland, holding a total production capacity of 2 million cubic meters. We use high-quality Nordic spruce as the raw material in our sawmills in Renko and Vilppula. Whereas, our sawmills located in Lappeenranta and Rauma process high-quality Nordic pine to produce our sawn timber products.

Our sustainably produced Metsä sawn timber 

Our sawmills make the most of the natural properties of first-rate traceable Nordic wood. Nordic softwood is known for its high quality and consistent appearance, as well as its dense grain, lightness and strength. These properties, combined with our efficient production lines, enable us to produce high quality sawn timber with precise dimensions and excellent drying results.

We are committed to sustainability and being a frontrunner in resource efficiency. We work with you to ensure that the sawn timber we deliver has the properties your end products require. This includes ensuring the appropriate moisture content, weather resistance and aesthetic qualities, as well as excellent dimensional stability and stiffness.  

Closeup of log being sawn into sawn timber

All Metsä Fibre’s sawn timber products are responsibly produced with wood from sustainably managed Nordic forests and the wood we use is traceable. Our sawn timber production process results in close to zero CO2 emissions.

Our high-capacity production facilities produce premium sawn timber that is efficiently delivered to our customers around the world for their end product purposes. We export some 90% of our spruce sawn timber and some 80% of our pine sawn timber. Both our pine and spruce sawn timbers with their premium quality cover our customers’ demand of end product manufacture from living and joinery, furniture to packaging and construction.

All of our products are produced from responsibly sourced and grown forests. Each Metsä Fibre mill has a certified chain of custody management system for wood and each mill is authorised to use the FSC® and PEFC label (FSC-C002102, PEFC/02-33-21). Metsä Group’s ownership base of more than 90,000 private Finnish forest owners ensures we have a continuously available supply of sustainable wood. All the wood we receive meets the criteria for controlled wood. In addition, Metsä Fibre supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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