Metsä Strong

Metsä Strong

Metsä Strong Bleached Reinforcement Kraft Pulp

Metsä Strong is our strong bleached reinforcement softwood kraft pulp that has superior fibre length. This reinforcement pulp gives the paper strength as well as runnability for papermaking and further processing.

All Metsä Strong pulp is made of high-quality Nordic pine (Pinus silvestris) and spruce (Picea abies) sustainably sourced by Metsä Forest. The wood we use is traceable. We produce Metsä Strong at our high-capacity, state-of-the-art production facility in Rauma, Finland. Rauma sawmill is integrated with Metsä Fibre’s pulp mill on the same site, ensuring 100 per cent use of the wood material. To produce Metsä Strong, only the chips of spruce and pine from our sawmill are used in our pulp mill as a raw material to achieve superior reinforcement properties. Metsä Strong pulp is efficiently delivered to customers around the globe directly from the port of Rauma, only three kilometres away from the facility.

Typical end uses of Metsä Strong Bleached Reinforcement Pulp:

Printing & writing papers
• Coated mechanical papers, LWC, MWC
• Uncoated mechanical papers, SC
Specialty papers
• Baking and cooking papers
• Self-adhesive paper
• Masking tape
• Filter papers
• Food and packaging papers
• Medical papers

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