The Builders of the Bioproduct Mill: A successful bioproduct mill commissioning requires strong work coordination

The final stages of comissioning are currently underway at the Kemi bioproduct mill project site, and the site already looks like a modern bioproduct mill. Juho Lyytikäinen, the project engineer responsible for the commissioning of the fibre line, will be the new mill’s development manager.
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The construction of the Kemi bioproduct mill of Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, has progressed according to plan and on schedule.

Project engineer Juho Lyytikäinen’s areas of responsibility entail the commissioning of the fibre line, including wood processing, the fibre line and the drying machine.

“In wood processing, we are currently training the artificial intelligence for the electric woodyard cranes and conducting chipping test runs. At the fibre line, we’ve rinsed the washing press used for washing the pulp and conducted a test run with water. We’ve conducted water runs with the digester. The preparations have proceeded well, and the next step is a pulp production test run,” says Lyytikäinen.

The drying department is currently conducting test runs with the new drying machine.

“The pulp test run is an important part of the commissioning phase, and it also serves as a training event for the employees responsible for operating the equipment.”

Safety is the top priority in the bioproduct mill project, and it is reflected in all the project’s work. In the commissioning phase, the cooperation between the installation and commissioning work is particularly important.

“When the process equipment is in operation, liquid and chemicals flow through the pipelines. The site has running motors and hot surfaces which need to be carefully taken into account. When the commissioning work is in its busiest stages, the safe finalisation of installation work requires strong work coordination and a systematic approach.”

According to Lyytikäinen, good communication is important for the project.

“The ability to communicate clearly and adapt to changing situations and circumstances helps you succeed in many kinds of situations. It’s also a matter of teamwork, sharing responsibilities to achieve common goals.”

From project engineer to development manager

Lyytikäinen previously worked at the Äänekoski bioproduct mill, so he has plenty of experience of process work.

“That gave me a good foundation, which has been useful to me in the project’s commissioning phase. My goal is to use my experiences in Äänekoski and make sure that the Kemi bioproduct mill’s commissioning phase also benefits from them.”

Lyytikäinen has been appointed the development manager of the Kemi bioproduct mill. He will be responsible for the long-term development and design of the mill to ensure that targets related to safety, production, quality, the environment and other matters are met.

“The end product’s quality is a very important element from the very beginning of the mill’s start-up. For this reason, we have a separate quality target graph to follow. We supply our customers with responsibly and sustainably produced hardwood and softwood pulp and other bioproducts.”

Lyytikäinen has a positive attitude towards challenges. His position requires the management of complex systems, problem-solving skills, and the ability to identify and analyse problems and develop solutions. They are invaluable for meeting targets and managing challenging situations.

Right now, Lyytikäinen feels proud when he looks out from his office window and sees the mill starting to look like a new and modern bioproduct mill.

“The finalisation of the commissioning work is currently underway, and I’m very much looking forward to the mill’s start up! It’s a great experience to get to work at both of Metsä Fibre’s new bioproduct mills in Äänekoski and Kemi. The bioproduct mill project has allowed me to gain more experience of project work, and I’ve learned a lot from the experienced project team."

Juho Lyytikäinen


Residence Kemi. Moved from Jyväskylä to Kemi with the whole family in June 2023.
Age 32
Position Project engineer, new mill’s development manager
Education MSc, Energy and Bioprocessing Technology
Career Various white-collar positions since 2017 in Metsä Fibre’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill and in the Kemi bioproduct mill project since 8/2020
Family Common-law spouse and two daughters in daycare
Hobbies Swimming, trekking and home maintenance
Motto Work smart and always keep developing

The builders of the bioproduct mill

The builders of the bioproduct mill is a series of articles that introduces readers to the people bringing the Kemi bioproduct mill to life and describes their work as part of the biggest investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry. You can read The Builders of the Bioproduct Mill series on the Metsä Group intranet and on the Metsä Fibre website.

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