Pulp customers more satisfied than ever

Our customers actively responded to our survey, giving us positive feedback. Based on the responses, customers appreciate us regardless of their branch of industry or area of operations.
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  • 2022, Pulp

Metsä Fibre’s customer satisfaction survey was conducted last spring among pulp customers in all our sales areas. The response rate was excellent, and the overall rating for our operations was a record high.

“We received more positive feedback from customers than ever before. Customer satisfaction was at a good level regardless of the area in which the respondents operate, the end products they produce or the duration of the customer relationship,” says Tom Nickull, VP, Sales Services.

Customers were especially satisfied with our product quality, reliability and service. The responses also highlighted our investments in sustainability.

While there were fewer critical comments than in previous surveys, some of the open-ended responses complained about delivery reliability. Nevertheless, there was less negative feedback compared to the previous year.

“We have listened and paid attention to customer feedback. We have invested in logistics and availability and have improved our adherence to delivery times. Although many are experiencing challenges in logistics worldwide, we have proved we can be trusted, even during crises,” says Nickull.

Mill visits on the wish list

This year, we added a new question to the survey to gauge customers’ views on developing long-term cooperation. Their responses show our customers are looking forward to cooperating with us and meeting around the same table.

“Customers appreciate our technical customer service and the support offered by our experts in questions concerning sustainability, among other things. Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, we look forward to closer cooperation and in-person visits to customers’ mills,” says Nickull.

Improving with feedback

Metsä Fibre’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Customership Ari Harmaala emphasises that the survey is conducted out of a genuine interest in providing even better service to customers. We carefully review the results and, together with our customers, consider what measures we can take to improve our work together.

“The customer survey provides us with valuable information and helps us continuously improve our operations. I would like to extend a warm thanks to all our customers who responded – your feedback is very important to us,” Harmaala concludes.