Port warehouse and private track completed by the end of the year

Thanks to the efforts of various professionals, construction and installation work for Kemi bioproduct mill is progressing as planned and on schedule.
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This autumn, the site workforce is at its largest. More than 3,000 people are working on a variety of tasks in the area.

The new 110 kV power line has now been completed, and it will be deployed when the mill comes online. Bioelectricity generated by the mill will be transmitted to the national grid along the new power line. The mill will produce 2.0 TWh of renewable energy annually, which is equivalent to 2.5 per cent of Finland’s overall electricity production.

The autonomous cranes in the woodyard have reached roof height. The electric cranes will unload wood arriving by train and lorry independently.

When the bioproduct mill is up and running, train transports will have a significant role, as most of the wood will arrive at the mill by rail. The mill will receive around nine trains per day. The bioproduct mill’s new private railroad track will be in use by the end of the year. A total of 4.5 kilometres of the new track has now been constructed.

Construction of the Ajos port warehouse will also be complete by the end of the year. The new warehouse covers a gross area of 37,000 m2. The Port of Ajos is an essential part of the mill’s efficient logistics. Pulp will be transported from the bioproduct mill to the port by lorry and from there it will be shipped to customers around the world.

The bioproduct mill’s commissioning will begin in early 2023.

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