Metsä Fibre’s services to customers

​In addition to traditional pulp sales, Metsä Fibre provides numerous services that enable customers to develop their business operations and cut costs.
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Metsä Fibre’s operating philosophy is based on first-rate service
and solid expertise in fibre. Our diverse range of services create added value for customers and differentiate the company from other industry operators.

“It’s important to listen to our customers and even exceed their expectations,” says Tom Nickull, VP, Sales and Development of Services, who is in charge of the development of service concepts at Metsä Fibre.

Nickull looks out for, and listens to, the signals and trends received from the market. Global services are developed continuously and are based on the wishes of customers.

“Customers prefer selecting a partner who, in addition to pulp, provides them with expertise and support which they may not have in their own organisation.”

It’s important to listen to our customers and even exceed their expectations.

Tom Nickull, VP, Sales and Development of Services

Quality optimisation also leads to cost savings

Customers want services that help them improve product quality and cost-effectiveness. Technical improvements are often visible directly under the bottom line as savings.

In one project, we reviewed a tissue paper manufacturer’s base paper recipes and optimised them based on simulations. After this review the customer carried out test runs which confirmed the simulated end result.

“The whole project took a few months, and yielded annualised cost savings of EUR 700,000,” says Tuomo Niemi, Director, Technical Customer Service at Metsä Fibre.

These services can also improve the quality of the customer’s end product. For example, a customer may be aiming to maximise the stiffness of the paperboard they manufacture and need information on how to change the product’s structure during its production phase.

A refining audit will facilitate the change and optimisation of the product’s structure. In the audit, the refining result of the customer’s current pulp recipe is analysed with the FORE tool. This provides recommendations on how to improve the refining process in a way that retains or improves the strength of the paper or paperboard, whilst taking energy efficiency into account.

“When the refining process is optimal, the use of softwood pulp can be reduced. Our technical services are there to ensure that our customers use softwood pulp as energy and cost-efficiently as possible, regardless of whether they manufacture paper or paperboard,” says Niemi.

We can also help our customers to examine the differences between forest certificates and their impact on forest management, and how these may affect the price of pulp. When a customer understands why a particular certified wood raw material costs more than an uncertified one, the higher price is no longer a source of confusion. Training sessions also include information on the exploitation of the side streams of pulp production.

RFID facilitates storage and shipment tracking

Smooth logistics are a basic essential that must be maintained throughout the business.

“The pulp must live up to the agreed quality and be at the right place at the right time; and in the right quantity. Our logistics work; customers can be reassured by our service,” says Nickull.

RFID tracking technology makes deliveries easy to plan and stocks easy to replenish for Metsä Fibre’s customers. Every pulp unit leaving one of our mills is automatically tagged with an RFID tag.

The RFID tags allow customers to monitor the material flows they consume, even per individual paper machine, in the Fibre Online service. The service provides customers with access to quality and delivery reports, even if they do not have equipment capable of reading RFID tags.

Metsä Day showcases sustainable forest management

For several years now, Metsä Fibre has held a Metsä Day forest visit where customers can visit and learn about a Finnish forest and sustainable forest management.

What often surprises visitors is just how much forest there is in Finland, even in the capital city. The ownership of forests, everyman’s rights, and the fact that people in Finland take good care of their forests and have a genuine concern for nature, are always admired.

“We can elicit the WOW effect merely by telling our visitors that the law requires us to plant four new seedlings for every felled tree,” says Nickull.

Many customers also take note of Finland’s clean environment.

“They marvel at the blue sky, fresh air and clear water.”


Tom Nickull, VP, Sales and Development of Services