Responsible corporate culture

Metsä Tissue company culture is based on our values – responsible profitability, reliability, cooperation and renewal. Furthermore, we are committed to promote diversity, equality and inclusion in our daily work. Both values and ethical principles are integrated part of Metsä Tissue business strategy.

Metsä Tissue carried out an Ethics Barometer Survey in spring 2022. The survey provided an insight on how our employees perceive ethics in the workplace and improving our understanding on compliance and ethics-related risks. 2022 survey results improved significantly compared to the last Barometer completed in 2020. The ethics index was 85.4 (2020: 83.6), and all the five fields in the barometer developed for the better. Our 2030 target is to reach a full 100% score.

In 2023 is the turn for Personnel Survey. The aim is to identify the strengths and development areas in order to improve Metsä Tissue as an employer. In 2021 the overall index of the results was 74.9, clearly higher than that of the external European benchmark group. For the personnel survey our target is to reach the index of 90 by 2028.

  • 100


    Target 2030: Metsä Tissue Ethics Index

  • 85.4


    Metsä Tissue Ethics Index in 2022

  • 90


    Target 2028: Metsä Tissue Personnel Survey Index

  • 74.9


    Metsä Tissue Personnel Survey Index in 2021

Development of ethical company culture, working together and respecting people as well as lowering the threshold for reporting unethical behaviour were selected as development areas based on the 2022 Ethics Barometer results.

The results show that Metsä Tissue employees behave ethically and make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. It is great to see that the overall assessment of our business ethics was as high as this. Although we’re moving in the right direction, we’re committed to further improving our operations in this regard, as in everything we do.

- Jukka Oinonen, Senior Vice President, HR

In order to strengthen the ethical company culture, concrete development actions were defined in all units. In addition to unit specific actions, Metsä Tissue introduced anonymous recruiting, revised Code of Conduct e-learning and local workshops to promote Metsä Group equality vision.