Responsible corporate culture

Metsä Tissue company culture is based on our values – responsible profitability, reliability, cooperation and renewal. Furthermore, we are committed to promote diversity, equality and inclusion in our daily work. Both values and ethical principles are integrated part of Metsä Tissue business strategy.

Metsä Tissue carried out Personnel Survey in autumn 2023. The survey provided an insight on how our employees perceive their work, workplace community, leadership and Metsä Tissue as an employer. The results will be used to develop operations and improve us as an employer. In 2023 the overall index of the results was A+/73.0 (2021: AA+/74.9), which is in line with the European benchmark data. Our target is to reach the index of AAA for 2030.

Based on the 2023 Personnel Survey results, efficiency, organization of work and team spirit were identified as Metsä Tissue’s strengths, while leadership culture, employer image and internal cooperation were selected as development areas. In order to strengthen the company culture, concrete development actions were defined in all units.

“The study offers a good picture of where we stand now, and the feedback received will be useful for developing Metsä Tissue’s common culture. Initiative, a positive attitude to development, and appreciation of the workplace community and co-workers are part of the culture our company is aiming for. It’s good to see that these topics and investing in them are also important for our employees.”

- Jukka Oinonen, Senior Vice President, HR

  • 100

    Target 2030: Ethics barometer (Realization of planned actions %)

  • AAA

    Target 2030: Metsä Tissue Personnel Survey results

  • 73.0

    Metsä Tissue Personnel Survey Index in 2023