Metsä Tissue’s strategy focuses on fresh fibres from sustainably managed Northern forests. Metsä Tissue uses fresh and recycled fibre and a combination of these two for tissue paper products to meet customer needs in terms of the products’ quality and functionality. In the past few years, over 70 % of the fibre used has been fresh fibre. For greaseproof paper products, only fresh fibre is used. Here you can read more of the 2030 targets Metsä Group has set for the sustainable forestry.

In Metsä Group's unique value chain the sustainable forest management practices secure the long term availability of the renewable and responsible wood raw material - meaning that the forests are growing more than they are being used. On Metsä Group level we have ambitious targets to safeguard biodiversity of the forests where we harvest the wood we use in our operations. For example, high biodiversity stumps are left to forests when harvesting to provide homes for birds.  Read more about biodiversity on Metsä Group's website. 

Please read more about how we use fresh fibre and recycled fibre in our production in the panel on the right.