Plastics used in our value chain

At Metsä Tissue, we continuously look for ways to reduce, recycle, and replace fossil-based plastics in packaging and our goal is to have an offering with fossil-free packaging by 2030. We are increasing the share of recycled plastic and are actively following the development of bioplastics. We are improving our plastic packaging  by making plastic wrappings thinner and avoid over-packaging. We aim to transport our products in large batches, so the use of plastic per delivered paper product remains as low as possible.
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    Target 2030: fossil-free packaging

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    share of fossil-free packaging in 2021


  2021 2020 2019
Share of fossil-free packaging 8 % 7 % 9 %

We have conducted tests at Mänttä mill to increase the share of recycled plastic in our packaging. A change to 30% recycled content in the plastic packaging of one product reduces the use of conventional fossil-based plastic by 9 500 kg per year. While our tests have proven this material to be efficient in production, our plan is to gradually change all packaging used at Mänttä to the same type of plastic. This has an annual potential of 54 000 kg reduction in fossil-based plastic in our Mänttä mill. That amount responds to 108 000 liters of crude oil not being used for plastic production.

We are currently conducting similar tests in our other mill locations around Europe.