Our mills in Sweden

In Sweden, Metsä Tissue operates in three locations: Katrinefors Mill in Mariestad, Pauliström Mill and Nyboholm Mill in Småland. The last two ones are also called Småland mills because they are so close to each other.

We operate sustainably

We are an active community member and respect the diversity of the local communities in which we operate. We employ a significant number of people and actively promote well-being at work. Our local involvement includes cooperation with the local authorities, schools, media and different partners and organisations. We work continuously to protect and enhance the environment surrounding our mill. 

Our brands Lambi, Serla and Katrin

At Katrinefors Mill in Mariestad we produce products for our brands Serla, Lambi and Katrin. At  our mills in Småland, Pauliström and Nyboholm, we mainly produce products for our brand Lambi. Additionally, we also produce tissue products for our customers’ own brands.

Joint ownership

We continuously work to enhance the environmental sustainability. Katrinefors Kraftvärmeverk (KKAB) is a partner to Katrinefors mill. The de-inking sludge is incinerated, which reduces the waste amount by 90%. Produced energy is used for steam production to the paper machines and district heating to the inhabitants in Mariestad.

The process also generates electricity that is being sold to third parties. As a result, we have managed to substantially reduce our CO2 emissions.

Energy from the fibersludges in Pauliström and Nyboholm mill is recovered in the biofuel boilers in each mill.

Did you know that...

  • a ton of paper is equivalent to about 14 trees.
  • a parent reel weighing about 3 000 kg takes 40 minutes to produce. It is enough for about 20 000 rolls of toilet paper. A lifetime need for a human is about 5 500 rolls.
  • each day we deliver abt 130 trucks filled with tissue products from our Swedish mills to Scandinavian grocery stores.
  • in our Swedish mills, we daily produce tissue paper which is enough twice around the earth.

Contact information

Katrinefors mill
Metsä Tissue AB, Katrinefors Mill
Holländaregatan 4
S-54288 Mariestad
Tel: +46 501 27 50 00
e-mail: firstname.lastname@metsagroup.com

Pauliström mill
Metsä Tissue AB, Pauliström Mill
S-577 99 Pauliström
Tel: +46 501 27 50 00
e-mail: firstname.lastname@metsagroup.com

Nyboholm mill, visiting address
Metsä Tissue AB, Nyboholm Mill
S-57016 Kvillsfors
Tel: +46 501 27 50 00
e-mail: firstname.lastname@metsagroup.com

Nyboholm mill, postadress
Metsä Tissue AB
S-577 99 Pauliström