Strategy and values

Metsä Tissue creates a cleaner everyday. Our purpose at Metsä Tissue is to advance bio and circular economy by producing high-quality tissue paper and greaseproof paper products. The main raw material we utilise is renewable fresh fibre coming from sustainably managed Northern forests. The cornerstones of our strategy are to operate close to our customers and serve them with hygiene solutions of the future, based on the sustainable use of renewable northern wood.

Metsä Tissue’s value proposition is to make everyday life cleaner, and its vision is to be the preferred partner to customers in sustainable business operations.

Our strategic programmes

  • Customer Focus

    Customer Focus

  • Lean Supply Chain

    Lean Supply Chain

  • Future Mill

    Future Mill

Our vision

The preferred partner in developing sustainable business.

Our purpose

Advancing bioeconomy and circular economy by efficiently processing northern wood into first-class products.

Business Environment

We operate in a European tissue paper market and in the global greaseproof paper market. Tissue paper products are daily necessities.

The use of tissue papers is well established and market growth is mainly driven by strengthened hygiene practices, which affect the demand for hand towels and kitchen towels in particular. The tissue business is local in nature, which reduces the transportation need of tissue paper and improves the critical availability of daily necessities.

Tissue paper production will shift to an increasing extent to fresh fibre raw materials due to challenges in the availability of recycled fibre, as a result of digitalisation.


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    Conscious consumption

    Stems from the need to act responsibly, so consumption wouldn’t exceed the world’s ecological carrying capacity. People want to make good choices.

  2. 2

    Resource efficiency

    Means using the world’s finite resources sustainably and reducing waste. We operate according to the principles of circular economy, reduce waste and emissions, and we are using a fully renewable raw material, fresh fibre, in our tissue paper products.

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    The challenges of longer supply chains have increased the value of locality. We operate close to our raw materials and markets, which minimises the transportation needs for products. Close production supports local employment and our sustainability objectives.

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    Is crucial for mitigating climate change and ensuring our future. At Metsä Group, sustainability is a part of everything we do and we are committed to our 2030 sustainability objectives.

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    Is the most prominent technology trend, transforming consumer behaviour, customer experience and the industry. In tissue business digitalisation also has an impact on the availability of recycled raw material, which increases the role of fresh fibres.

We work according to our values

Success depends on us! We all at Metsä Group do significant work. Our work produces well-being not only for ourselves and our loved ones, but also for society and the environment as a whole. Our efficient mills and environmentally friendly products play an important role in counteracting the fossil economy and combating climate change.

Metsä Group employees are guided by the values ​​we share: responsible profitability, reliability, cooperation and renewal.

Our values

  • Reliability


  • Cooperation


  • Renewal


  • Responsible profitability

    Responsible profitability