Professional tissue papers

Our products designed for professional use include tissue papers such as hand towels and toilet papers, soaps, sanitisers, dispensers, bins and special wiping products.

Sustainable hygiene solutions for public washrooms 

Our product offering helps our customers in all of our customer segments, including cleaning companies, offices, industrial production, hospitals, schools and restaurants, to take good care of everyday hygiene and comfort. Our product distribution network is Europe-wide and consists of international and national wholesalers as well as facility management companies. As part of our professional tissue offering, we also provide customer brand solutions for our key customers. 

Metsä Tissue’s Professional product range Katrin 

Metsä Tissue’s Katrin brand offers smart and functional hygiene solutions for public washrooms and workplaces.

Katrin hygiene solutions are always clean & green, supporting the best cleanliness and hygiene standards but also ensuring that the products are made sustainably across the whole value chain. With the smart, safe and functional Katrin solutions we enable our customers for long-term sustainable growth and with our services at Katrin we make our customers’ everyday easier.  

See more about the Katrin brand story and benefits, solutions and services as well as away-from-home tissue paper products on Katrin website.