Future mill in the UK

Metsä Tissue is planning a significant investment in a tissue mill in the UK

The UK is one of the largest tissue markets in Europe, but it imports almost half of what it uses from overseas. At Metsä Tissue, we want to change this and bring our production of responsibly made, premium tissue products to the UK, and increase the country's self-sufficiency in tissue products from 65% to 85%.
  • 0


    the amount of fossil carbon emissions in 2030

  • 1/5


    of the whole tissue paper volumes in the UK planned to be produced by Metsä Tissue

  • 400+


    local jobs with significant employment across the supply chain

  • 240 000


    of tissue paper production capacity planned to be built during the next decade

  • 85%


    UK self-sufficiency of tissue papers after the planned completion of the mill

Metsä Tissue which has had its sales office in the UK for almost 30 years, is planning to invest in a new tissue mill in the UK. The plan consists of 240 000 tons of tissue paper production capacity, built in several phases during the upcoming decade. The plans are part of the company’s Future Mill programme to drive world class environmental performance in tissue production.

The production would be based on local production and using sustainable fresh fibre pulp, and the first phase of the investment would be ready during 2025 to serve the professional and consumer tissue markets in the UK and Ireland.

Metsä Tissue’s activity is rooted in environmental responsibility and in addition to the benefits of localised production, the new mill will boast the latest in sustainable production technology. Metsä Tissue aims for all products to be manufactured from fossil-free raw materials by 2030. The planned investment would also provide local jobs to hundreds of people in a company focusing on sustainable business, increasing the country's self-sufficiency in tissue paper sector from 65% to 85%.