Decreasing process water usage

Water is an important resource for us and we thrive to reduce the amount of process water used in m3 per paper ton. Water circulates in the process numerous times, and it is carefully purified before released as an effluent.
  • -35


    Target 2030: reduction in process water use from 2018 level

  • -2


    2022 change in water use from 2018 level


  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Change in process water use from 2018 -2 % +1,6 % +3,5 % -0,7 % base year
Tons of water used per paper ton 17,1 m3/t 17,8 m3/t 18,1 m3/t 17,3 m3/t 17,5 m3/t

To further improve water efficiency, Metsä Tissue launched a pilot project in 2021. The project will first be tested at the Mariestad mill, where a significant increase in production capacity is planned. The project is part of Metsä Tissue’s Future Mill Programme.

The aim is to utilise best available technologies, such as microflotation, and new filter technologies. Mill’s water balance is modelled and potential improvement areas are identified. For example in Mariestad the target is to reduce water intake by about 50 per cent. On top of the primary water reduction we also make energy savings when the heat is kept in the cycles, and also the costs of chemical treatment and fibre losses are reduced.

Technology Manager Jörg Engels

Read more about the Future Mill programme in Mariestad.