Accident free working environment

The health and safety of our personnel is our number one priority, and we take systematic actions to promote occupational safety and welfare. Zero accident culture is actively promoted at all of our nine mills.
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    Target 2030: Total recordable incident frequency

  • 2.2


    Total recordable incident frequency in 2023


  2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Total recordable incident frequency, TRIF 2.2 3.4 5.0 7.7 17.7

Three areas in which we have several projects, where we are developing our safety culture: Personnel safety development, technical safety development and improvement of safety management systems.

Metsä Tissue is continuing with standardization of safety processes and implementing Metsä Group safety standards. In 2021 Metsä Tissue launched new health, safety, environment and quality management (HSEQ) software tool, which is a common tool for all Metsä Group business areas.

Metsä Tissue has introduced Safety pillars in all units which combines safety and production excellence tools, guiding day-to-day way of work.

In addition, Metsä Tissue launched the Hands safety project in 2021 to eliminate hand accidents and ensuring the safety of employees.

We measure our safety performance with different metrics in addition to TRIF. To read more about our safety KPIs, please see Metsä Group Sustainability report.