Our objective in Metsä Tissue is to contribute to people’s wellbeing through our products and actions. We strive to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and products throughout their life cycle, from sourcing of raw materials to production and from delivery to consumption and final disposal. We do this in co-operation with our suppliers, customers, business partners and consumers. We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible manner and taking into account the social, environmental and economic impacts of our actions.

Metsä Tissue innovates products and services that make everyday life cleaner, easier and more hygienic, in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our tissue and greaseproof papers are used by tens of millions of consumers daily. We continuously evaluate our business operations not only from profitability perspective, but also by assessing the environmental aspects. Metsä Tissue’s position as a responsible local operator is an important success factor. Our nine mills are located within the main market areas and products are manufactured as close to consumers as possible, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and transportation needs as efficiently as possible.


Sustainability is part of everything we do and we are committed to Metsä Tissue and Metsä Group’s strategic sustainability 2030 objectives. This includes supporting the work along with our certification partners to reach the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. As part of Metsä Group, Metsä Tissue supports the achievement of these goals along with our sustainability objectives.


Metsä Tissue is part of Metsä Group. Metsä Tissue monitors and reports regularly on the social, environmental and economic impacts of its actions. All data related to Corporate Responsibility can be found in Metsä Group’s Annual Report and sustainability related topics in the Metsä Group’s yearly Sustainability report.