Sawn timber customers more satisfied than ever

In our customer survey last spring, sawn timber customers singled out our quality, stock management and reliability. Customer surveys provide valuable feedback that helps us improve operations even more.
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  • 2023, Sawn timber

According to Metsä Fibre’s latest customer survey, the satisfaction of our sawn timber customers is higher than ever, and is highest among our European customers.

We received very positive feedback for our quality, stock management and reliability. Customers appreciate our expertise and reputation.

“Reliability will further improve in all our market areas when deliveries from Rauma sawmill reach the target level,” says Ari Harmaala, Metsä Fibre’s SVP, Sales and Marketing.

The survey was conducted last spring among sawn timber customers in the European, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) sales areas.

Interest in sustainability cooperation seen in Europe

Our European customers gave us the highest points in the survey. Respondents said they particularly appreciated our high quality, reliable deliveries and good communication.

“We are obviously delighted with the improvement in customer satisfaction. We have increased our sales resources and will continue to invest in meeting our customers’ needs even better,” says Mikael Lagerblom, Metsä Fibre’s VP, Sales, Europe.

Europe is also showing the greatest interest in collaborative work for improved sustainability.

“We have already started sustainability cooperation with some customers. It offers added value to both parties, and we will focus on it increasingly over the following year.”

Satisfaction remains high in Asia year after year

Customers in the Asia-Pacific region were satisfied not only with our quality but also with our reliability and service.

“I was pleased to see that we also received a great deal of positive feedback from new customers. Overall, satisfaction among APAC customers has long been at a good level,” says Harri Vertanen, Metsä Fibre’s VP, Sales, APAC.

Some customers had experienced challenges related to the supply chain.

“It is important for us to learn about any issues so that we can improve our operations.”

Quality appreciated in the Middle East and Africa

Our customers in the Middle East and Africa were especially pleased with our excellent quality. They also appreciate our partnership and reliability.

“Large customers, in particular, were satisfied with our operations. We have focused on good customer relationships. We want to be recognised as a professional partner,” says Kustaa Laine, Metsä Fibre’s VP, Sales, MEA.