Pulp customers appreciate quality

Metsä Fibre’s annual customer survey was conducted for pulp customers last spring. It provides us with important feedback that will allow us to serve our customers even better.
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  • 2023, Pulp

According to our annual survey, our customers still appreciate the quality of the pulp, the sustainability of our supply chain and our service. The survey was carried out in all our market areas. Customer satisfaction has stayed consistently high over the years.

“Based on the customer survey, we will be planning action to improve our operations even further,” says Ari Harmaala, Metsä Fibre’s SVP, Sales and Marketing.

Most satisfied customers in North America

In recent years, Metsä Fibre has systematically grown its market position in North America. The feedback from the survey was very positive.

“We have consistently developed our supply chain and other elements to meet the customer’s needs. According to the survey, our North American customers are satisfied with the quality of the pulp, our service and the reliability of our deliveries,” says Kustaa Laine, Metsä Fibre’s VP, Sales, Americas & MEA.

In their feedback, the customers said they also appreciated our professional personnel and our open communication. The results encourage us to continue developing our position in the North American market in cooperation with our customers.

Service appreciated in Asia

Customers in the Asian and Pacific (APAC) countries appreciated the quality of the pulp, our sustainable supply chain and our service.

“The service we offered was praised, even though the lockdowns in China caused by the Covid-19 pandemic prevented in-person meetings. This year, we will get to have more such meetings with our customers,” says Harri Vertanen, Metsä Fibre’s VP, Sales, APAC.

The overall rating in the region remained good. New customers in particular rated us highly.

Sustainability themes highlighted in Europe

Feedback from our European customers was in line with that of previous years. Our products were appreciated for their quality, sustainability and reliability of deliveries. Our customers are confident that we will do what we promise at all the stages of the supply chain.

We also received constructive feedback from some of our customers. Due to the war in Ukraine, the volumes and availability of birch were reduced. Based on the feedback, we will be planning development proposals with our customers.

Sustainability themes were highlighted among European customers’ responses.

“We have already started sustainability cooperation with some customers. This produces added value for both parties, and we will focus on it even more in the coming year,” says Mikael Lagerblom, Metsä Fibre’s VP, Sales, Europe.

Reliable deliveries highlighted in Middle East and North Africa

Our customers in Middle Eastern and North African (MEA) countries also continued to be satisfied with our work. The improved reliability of our deliveries was reflected in the results, even though there is still room to improve.

“We will pay close attention to our customers’ constructive feedback, and we have already been able to improve matters such as the punctuality of deliveries, arising from the challenges we faced during the pandemic,” says Laine.

MEA customers also praised our quality and technical customer service. Based on the survey, interest in our sustainable supply chain has increased clearly in the MEA countries.

“Our most satisfied customers were those with regular orders. Our goal is to develop our cooperation with them to an even higher degree.”