Kemi bioproduct mill

Our new bioproduct mill helps strengthen our position as the leading producer of softwood market pulp. It also allows us to guarantee that deliveries to our customers will be more reliable than ever. 

The bioproduct mill concept and bioproducts

The world’s most efficient pulp process lies at the heart of the bioproduct mill. In addition to premium softwood and birch pulp, our bioproduct mills in Kemi and Äänekoski offer products such as tall oil, turpentine, bioenergy, product gas, sulphuric acid, ash and lime.

Logistics and delivery reliability

Safe and efficient logistics from the forest to the mill, and onwards to the customer are an absolute must for reliable operations. The wood is carried to Kemi bioproduct mill mainly by rail, using electrically powered trains. The ready pulp bales are transported to the product warehouse in the Port of Ajos in Kemi. Large general cargo vessels are used for marine logistics from the port. 

Environmental efficiency

The mill operates completely without fossil fuels and will meet the most demanding environmental norms and technical requirements far into the future. The bioproduct mill produces all the energy it needs from production side streams. Even wood bark is gasified and used in place of heavy fuel oil to power the lime kiln.

Fibre line

The bioproduct mill’s fibre line includes wood processing equipment, the pulp mill, the kiln drying department and the baling plant. The fibre line’s production process is monitored from the control rooms of the debarking department and the kiln drying department, and from the mill’s central control room. Professionals in the control rooms, communicate very efficiently. 

Recovery line

On the bioproduct mill’s recovery line, the chemicals used in the pulp process are recycled for reuse. A great deal of renewable bioenergy is also produced. The recovery line includes the mill’s efficient multistage wastewater treatment plant. The plant’s sludge is made into biopellets, to be used as fuel for power production.