First wood loads arrived at the bioproduct mill site

Many parts of the bioproduct mill project were completed during the spring. The first wood loads carried by ​rail​ have also ​arrived​ via the new electrified private track.
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Construction of the Kemi bioproduct mill is progressing on schedule. Mill test run and trials are currently underway, as is installation work.

Wood deliveries to the new mill began in April, transported by road and rail. The mill’s new electrified private track allows wood to be brought right up to the mill by electric locomotive. The first train carrying a wood load arrived at the mill on 21 April, 2023.

Logistics powered by electricity

Approximately two​-​thirds of the raw wood consumed by Kemi bioproduct mill will be delivered to the mill area by rail.

The transport of large volumes of wood will be smooth and environmentally efficient by design, accounting for everything from the loading of the wood and rail transports to the unloading of the deliveries.

The​ locomotives ​that pull the railcars ​and ​the ​autonomous cranes put into use in the woodyard during the spring are ​all ​electrically driven.

Water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant already in operation

The new bioproduct mill has an advanced closed chemical cycle in which water and chemicals are recycled and returned to the process for reuse.

The bioproduct mill’s water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant began operations during the spring. The advanced wastewater treatment plant ​is​​ ​initially ​being used to treat​ wastewaters ​from​​ ​the ​existing​​ ​​pulp ​mill​ on the site​.

C​onstruction is moving forward to the bioproduct mill’s start-up during the third quarter. The number of people working on-site will decrease as the installations are completed.