Test run approaching at the Rauma sawmill

​The Rauma sawmill is preparing for its production test run. The buildings of the world’s most modern sawmill have been completed, installations are progressing swiftly, and systems are being tested. The production test run will begin in the spring, and production will start up in the third quarter.
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​The Rauma sawmill project is moving forward according to the master plan and schedule.

The installation of machinery is progressing in log grading. We are currently constructing the control room, and HEPAC work is underway. In the sawmill infeed and debarking department, the first debarking machine has been installed, and the second will be in place by the end of the month. The installations of other machinery and equipment have advanced, and testing is about to begin. The sawmill infeed will have two lines to ensure efficient sawing and a good debarking result.

The machinery and conveyors for the sawline have been installed. We are now testing the interfaces and preparing for the sawline’s test run. Using completely new technology, sawing speed can reach 250 metres per minute.

The installation of equipment for green sorting is well underway on both green sorting lines and the sticking and stacking lines. We are also performing interface testing. The installation of stick and wagon handling is progressing.

Seven pairs of chambers and chutes are now in place at the kiln drying departments. We are constructing canopies for sawn timber, installing equipment and performing tests. The construction of the large kiln drying departments is a big project that will continue until the spring.

Equipment installations are progressing, and system testing is underway at the grading lines for dried sawn timber. The lines will feature new technology, including machine vision, intelligent control and robotics.

The mechanical installations in packaging and departure logistics are now complete, and we are finalising electrification. The testing of automated loading has begun.

Regarding the ERP and control room systems, we are now testing the process stages.


Towards the production test run

Around 400 people are currently working on the Rauma sawmill site.

“Work is running at full speed, and the production test run is approaching. We are preparing for the sawmill’s start-up throughout the production chain. This has already involved immense joint efforts from us and our partners,” says Harri Haapaniemi, Project Director.

The team of operators preparing to run the Rauma sawmill has been training on the site since January. Trained for control room work, the operators will start up the sawmill in the autumn of 2022.

“They have really been looking forward to starting up their sawmill,” Haapaniemi says. “The construction project is nearing its final stretch, and production of sawn timber will be launched in the third quarter as planned.”

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