Sawn timber production begins in Rauma

The Rauma pine sawmill has moved from production test runs to continuous sawn timber production.
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  • 2022, Rauma sawmill

Rauma sawmill is now operating in three shifts. Operations are controlled from a central control room, and there are no manual work stages on the converting line.

The sawmill’s operating model is unique worldwide. Industrial efficiency is ensured by the sawmill’s technological innovations such as machine vision, self-learning artificial intelligence and integrated information systems that control functions.

Automated loading transfers the ready sawn timber to lorries that transport the packages directly to the Port of Rauma. From there, the sustainably produced premium pine sawn timber is shipped to customers mainly in Europe and Asia.

The construction of Rauma sawmill is the largest sawmill investment ever made in Finland. The sawmill has an annual production capacity of 750,000 cubic metres of pine sawn timber.

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