Metsä Fibre promotes traffic safety at the mill locations

Metsä Fibre promotes traffic safety of primary school children during this fall in its production unit locations, in the form of an annual traffic safety campaign.
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  • 2022, Sustainability

The goal of the national traffic safety week celebrated every fall in Finland is to inspire teachers, pupils and students at all school levels to take traffic safety into consideration.

Metsä Fibre also wants to do its part to promote traffic safety in its production unit locations, and the company participates in Metsä Group's traffic safety campaign every year, including this fall. The first campaign was organized in autumn 2018 in Äänekoski, after which it has also expanded to other Metsä´s mill locations.

Animation gives tips for traffic safety

Metsä Fibre and Metsä Forest have jointly produced an animation on traffic safety. Its main character introduces important points that ensure a safe way to school. The animation also gives tips for safely meeting the trucks. Although the animation is aimed especially at schools, its tips apply to road users of all ages.

At the schools of Metsä Fibre's pulp mill and sawmill locations, traffic safety lessons for primary school children have been given using animation. In addition, reflective vests are donated annually to first graders to ensure the children's visibility both on the way to school and in their free time. 

"Traffic safety is always a current topic and touches us all every day of the year. We hope that our traffic safety campaign offers educational moments, insights and inspires to think about traffic safety", encourages Riikka Liikanen, Communications Manager of Metsä Fibre's pulp business.