Expert services complete the quality of the final product

Metsä Fibre's multifaceted expert services support the processes and business operations of sawn timber customers. In addition to receiving technical support and quality information based on the Timber FOX index, customers benefit from our online store for sawn timber and efficient monitoring of deliveries.
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​Our business model is based on high product quality, reliable deliveries, and strong expertise, which is always available to our customers through a wide range of services.

Our expert services enable customers to ensure that the batch of products that they have purchased is suitable for further processing in the best possible way, for example, and that its quality is exactly as agreed. Our services support customers' business operations and improve the quality of the final products.

Timber FOX takes quality management to a new level

Our sawmills use the Timber FOX index to assess the consistency of the quality of their products.

The index consists of five quality factors, and a permitted range and a weighting factor has been determined for each quality factor. If an individual quality criterion is not within the permitted range, the overall index value will decrease. If all the quality criteria meet the target, the index value is 100. The values of the quality criteria are measured at the end of the production line, and the quality index value is calculated based on these results.

The quality index provides customers with more comprehensive information about the quality characteristics of sawn timber, and they can use this information in their business operations. The quality of the information that customers obtain about their product and its quality improves, as well as the transparency of the overall process.

Continuous quality control ensures the quality of the final product. Any variations in quality are addressed quickly, and deviations can be removed before products are delivered to the customer.

Timber Performance Analysis offers features tailored specifically for each customer

Different raw materials are needed for different purposes of use. Factors important to a customer may include the length or density of annual growth, for example, and the heartwood content of the product.

The Timber Performance Analysis service finds the products that best meet the customer's needs, as well as the raw material for the products in question, if necessary.

The analysis begins with determining the desired qualities and the required sawing patterns. Then our experts examine the availability and cost of the raw material, as well as the suitability of the desired product for the sawmills' product range.

A Timber Performance Analysis is always conducted in close cooperation with the customer, and the suitability of the products for the customer's process is ensured, if necessary. The service model also includes the detailed control and coordination of deliveries. In addition, the supply of wood raw material can be controlled in accordance with the customer's needs.

Expert technical support available whenever needed

Product managers support the sales organisation for sawn timber in technical matters. They ensure that customers receive the technical support they need through sales contact persons.

Product managers provide assistance in planning the product to be offered to the customer, for example. They answer customers' questions and ensure that customers are provided with exactly the sawn timber that best suits their needs.

Product managers serve as a link between sales and production, enabling sales to respond accurately to customer's needs.

Customer feedback is also processed by product managers first.

Track & Trace indicates delivery status

We also help our customers with transport monitoring and stock management.

Through the Track & Trace online service, customers can monitor the status and location of their order reliably in real time during delivery. The service also provides an estimated time of delivery for the order. All relevant documents related to the order are available as part of the service.

Through the service, the customer knows the delivery times and can ensure an uninterrupted production process and availability of raw materials.

Timber Marketplace – sawn timber from an online store

Timber Marketplace is an online store for sawn timber. The online store enables customers to purchase products in stock at sawmills with short delivery times.

Ordering products from the online store is easy. The stock situation at each sawmill is shown on the online store, and an order placed by a customer is submitted directly to the sawmill that will fulfil the order.

Products can be shipped as quickly as within 24 hours.

The delivery time is 2–3 days within Finland, around a week to the rest of Europe and 2–3 weeks to Asia.

The online store provides customers with additional support and flexibility for stock management. Customers can restock quickly if their stock levels fall for some reason or another. In this way, the stock size and value can be kept optimal at all times.

Metsä Day takes customers to where the raw materials come from

A Metsä Day forest visit provides customers with support for their work to promote sustainable development. A Metsä Day visit is an illustrative way to obtain information about Finnish forests and the origin of raw materials for sawn timber. During a one- or two-day visit, the participants will learn on-site about sustainable forest management, tracking the origin of wood, various felling patterns and forest regeneration.

The programme for each Metsä Day visit is designed to meet the participants' needs, and the visits are hosted by our experts. In addition to learning about forest management, the participants will visit a Metsä Fibre sawmill to see sawn timber production in practice.