Kerto® LVL manual

Kerto® LVL manual is a user guide for the structural designer which helps in design of wooden structures according to Eurocode 5. The manual also offers a proper info package about Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) products and their applications.

The Kerto® LVL manual includes four chapters of the most common connector types (Nailed, Screwed, Dowelled and Bolted connections). All the chapters have been done as a separate entity so the user will not need to look through several sources.

The equations are according to the Finnish timber building guide made by the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers. Part of them are simplifications from the Eurocode 5 formulas and on the safe side and the rest just as they are in Eurocode.

All the parts that are according to Finnish national annex are separately marked. Country wise national annex values need to be used in these parts, but there are only a few of those places. Additional timber connection information has also been collected from several sources. For details about stock sizes available in your country, please contact your local sales team.

All the background materials are marked at bibliography and endnotes.