Birch Plywood for Trains and Busses 

Passenger safety and comfort are first priority in bus and train industries. Metsä Wood plywood products offer solutions for these demanding end use applications.

Major advantages of Metsä Wood plywood for passenger transport 

  • Many classifications available for passenger trains and busses 

  • High strength-to-weight ratio panel products with good sound reduction properties 

  • Dimensionally stable panels 

  • No endangered wood species 

  • No hazardous chemicals

Metsä Wood Birch Ply for passenger transport

Metsä Wood has a broad product range of plywood for passenger transport such as composite structure panels, sound reduction materials and fire resistant aluminum combination coatings. Plywood products provide solutions for the demanding end use applications in the train and bus industry, where passenger safety and comfort are the first priority. 

Plywood’s light weight and high strength is the reason why it is often used in the structures of floors and walls on busses and trains. Our product range allows our customers freedom in choosing the optimized product for their end use application. 

Fire resistant and soundproof solutions 

Metsa Wood has developed fire resistant and soundproof products. Metsä Wood Phoenix fire rated plywood panels are composite structure panels made of birch plywood and an aluminum combination coating. 

Noise can be controlled by choosing the right vehicle materials. Metsä Wood Sonex Light soundproof plywood is used to reduce the propagation of sound between exterior and interior spaces such as the motor and passenger area, ensuring comfort travelling. Sonex Light can also be ordered with Phoenix fire resistant coating. 

Metsä Wood’s raw material used in plywood for passenger transport is technically superior. Therefore, we are able to produce lighter, more economical components without any loss of rigidity. Low weight structure has also a positive impact on the vehicle’s consumption. Metsä Wood plywood goes through strict quality control during the manufacturing process and as a final product. Our products for passenger transport fulfill common standards used in the bus and train industry.