Birch plywood for commercial vehicles

Metsä Wood’s long traditions of plywood manufacturing and transport industry cooperation set high standards for plywood products and services.  

Strong and resistant plywood for heavy trailers, busses and trains 

Metsä Wood has a large portfolio of plywood products and services for wide range of end uses in the transport segment. The use of technically superior Northern wood material allows to optimise the use of wood to produce sustainable and economical components with excellent strength properties. Metsä Wood plywood products fulfil the strictest quality requirements and are tested according to international standards.  

The slip- and wear-resistant finishes meet the most demanding performance requirements. Wide range of panel sizes and development work with customers ensure material and economical efficiency. Metsä Wood plywood products are the choice where lightweight structure is essential. Thus, the low weight of plywood also has a reductive impact on the vehicle's consumption.

Slip and wear resistant plywood for light cargo trailers and horse trailers 

Metsä Wood birch plywood panels are ideal for a whole range of trailer floor and wall applications. The plywood product range offers slip and wear-resistant floor finishes and decorative ready to install plywood components for wall applications.

Vehicle soundproofing with plywood 

Vehicle soundproofing aims to decrease the effects of noise including engine, tire, wind, and road noise. Noise control is applied in many ways in vehicle design to reduce the sources of noise. Selection of right materials is essential in vehicle soundproofing. 

Metsä Wood's plywood is suitable for many kinds of vehicle soundproofing purposes and it has an excellent characteristic for reducing the noise. Metsä Wood's plywood for vehicle soundproofing can be used in many different applications e.g for trains and buses..

Composite structure panels with fire resistance for buses and trains 

Metsä Wood has developed plywood to meet the safety and comfort requirements ofpassenger transport. Fire safety regulations are met with panels that offer improved fire resistance.